Healing Arts Services

Nutritional Health Coaching
A Nutritionist, Cheerleader, Life Coach all  in one! Private Nutritional coaching to reach your specific health goals including weight loss, increased focus, better sleep, hormonal balancing, and more.... living your healthiest and happiest life through the health and healing of whole foods!  Adult, Teen, & Family Coaching available.

Vibrational Therapy
The focus of this healing method is education and empowerment. The energy analysis will give you deeper insight into your health issues – the root causes of illness and how it is affecting all levels of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  The healing protocol is your targeted tool for healing. It is designed for you to easily and effectively take charge of your healing. 

Combining science with intuition, Michelle is able to determine the root cause of illness. To fully heal these issues, she uses vibrational therapy – a dynamic healing method that is a form of applied quantum physics. Everything, including pathogens (such as bacteria, virus) has a specific vibration, or frequency. Once those vibrations are identified, they are applied through structured water 180 degrees out of phase of the material form of the pathogen. It becomes the counter vibration that disintegrates the material form of the pathogen. By dissolving the root cause of the illness, symptoms are eradicated, eliminating the need to manage them. 

Vibrational Therapy can help with the following and more:

What is Qigong: Qigong is a mind/body, self-care practice from China. It coordinates gentle movement, relaxed breathing and meditation with self-massage to energize the body. Qigong translates as breath work or energy work – cultivating energy and storing it for body rejuvenation.

Why Practice Qigong:  Qigong is a complimentary approach to wellness and health alongside proper nutrition and other forms of exercise and energy healing. By learning basic Qigong practices you will have the tools to better manage your health and begin to understand the importance of the mind/body connection. With regular practice, you will see improvements in your overall health by taking responsibility for your physical and emotional well-being.


SHE 3 Qigong will have three important elements:


Benefits of Qigong: