Avocados are one of those healthy foods that taste so good you forget how great they are for you! They are loaded with nutrients that make you more strong, sexy and healthy. Here are five ways avocado can improve your well being today.

1)  A beautiful smile:

Don’t worry; avocados won’t turn your pearly whites a greenish hue. Avocados contain nutrients that help keep your teeth and bones healthy. Manganese and magnesium contribute to bone health while phosphorus helps teeth formation. With all those beach barbecues, you’re going to want some tough chompers to help you rip into grilled chicken and corn on the cob. Sturdy bones plus a healthy smile equal a beautiful you!

2)  A lean body:

Don’t be afraid of the fat in avocados- it’ll make you a lean machine! Avocados can help cardiovascular health and muscle development. Copper and magnesium help to regulate your heart rate, while copper aids you in maintaining normal blood pressure to help you run faster and longer. Pantothenic acid improves the formation of red blood cells to keep your blood pumping when you need it most! Vitamin E and Magnesium aid in the formation of muscle while vitamin c improves connective tissue function. Who knew such a creamy food could slim your figure?!

3)  A strong immune system:

Around this time of year, you’re probably getting over the cold weather’s perpetual runny nose and sore throat. Just like you lift weights in the winter for toned arms in the summer, you eat avocados now for a strong immune system in the winter and fall! Vitamins C and B6 will fortify your immune system to fight against the evil germs that you’re vulnerable to in the cold weather. Vitamin E helps with tissue repair while zinc speeds up wound healing, so a bad running blister can’t hold you back this summer!

4)  A glowing complexion:

We love the beach, but sunscreen is always a must. Your increase in vitamin D is bound to give your skin a warm glow and what better way to maintain this radiance than to eat a delish avocado with some sprinkled pepper! Riboflavin and Niacin improve skin health from the inside, out! And for all those teen SHE3ers out there, avocado is a well-known treatment for acne- to keep your summer blemish-free.

5)  A fast metabolism:

If I had one wish, other than to be Beyoncé and live at Versailles, I would get a faster metabolism.  Nutrients in avocado improve your digestion and metabolism, turning food into the energy every active girl needs. Riboflavin helps process protein, fat and carbs while pantothenic acid assists in processing nutrients. This way, you’ll absorb all of the great things in the healthy, tasty food you’re consuming! Thiamin and Folate help boost your metabolism and mood (if the Beyoncé and Versailles dreams fail…)