We’ve heard it all before… that soda is horrible for us.

But what REALLY happens to your body when you drink soda?

With high levels of sugar, acids, preservatives and other harmful ingredients, soda causes more damage to the body than just expanding the waistline. From stroke to kidney stones to dementia, here’s a look at what can happen to the body long-term for those who regularly drink soda.



If you consume excessive amounts of sugar it reduces the consumption of the brain chemical called “brain-derived neurotropic factor.” With that being said, your brain can not form new memories or learn much of anything without BDNF.



The sugar in soda effects our teeth in tremendous ways, that’s a no brainer. What you may not know is that soda actually contains acid which corrodes tooth enamel. It is literally as harmful as drinking battery acid.



Research has shown a serious correlation between soda consumption and heart disease. High fructose corn syrup, found in soda, has been linked to an increased metabolic syndrome, a condition associated with an elevated heart disease risk.



The more soda someone drinks, the higher the risk of developing asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD.) A preservative found in soda, sodium benzoate, increases the amount of sodium in the body while reducing the availability of potassium which cases asthma or eczema.



Soda consumption is linked to bone density loss and osteoporosis.



High levels of phosphoric acid found in sodas have been linked to kidney stones.


Digestive System:

If you already have digestive issues, soda will only make your troubles worse. Carbonation can cause a buildup of excess gas in the abdominal area, leading to bloating, cramping and pain. The caffeine in soda can also increase stomach acid production, worsen episodes of diarrhea, and contribute to constipation. In addition, the sweeteners used in soft drinks can worsen IBS symptoms due to their laxative effects.



If you drink one soda a day that means you are consuming 39 pounds of sugar in one year which will with no doubt lead to obesity.


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