Taking two minutes a day to update a fitness journal will help you perform better! For many people getting fit and staying fit can feel like an impossible task but a fitness journal will help keep you on track and make sure you see progress.  While this may not be the most glamorous subject, it’s important to keep a record of what you’re doing and how you feel about it because you’ll be amazed to look back six months later and see how much you’ve improved.


Why a fitness journal will work for you

A fitness journal can help everyone but, if you’re not yet convinced, here are my top two reasons why an activity diary will improve your approach to fitness:

  1.  A fitness journal will help you be honest with yourself on a daily basis and understand why you are reaching – or not reaching – your goals. This will help you continue to push yourself and make progress, whatever your fitness level.
  2. A fitness journal will help you keep moving forward. If life or injury gets in the way of your exercise plan then a fitness journal will help you easily retrace your steps and get back on track.

If you are wondering how you are going to find the time to keep a journal when you can barely even find the time to workout: relax – I don’t need an essay! Just jot down these five things every day.


  • Day and date. You can use a snazzy app, a diary, a desk calendar or add a note in your Outlook calendar.
  • Feelings. Always do this at the end of the day. A simple happy, sad, or indifferent will do (you could even use smile-y faces!) or, if you wish to elaborate you can. In this section, add any special notes or major events.
  • Activity. List the time, duration, type and intensity of the activity.
  • Body assessment. Do you feel any pain or excessive tiredness, did a particular exercise feel uncomfortable or do you feel amazing?
  • NutritionDid you eat well? Put down a number from 1-10, with one being terrible and ten meaning you were perfectly on target.