~A Message  from She3's Qigong Therapist Julie Moffat~

       Meditation in Motion with a Sip of Qigong:

We live in an over stimulating environment. When we're not posting on Facebook or Pinterest, we're texting on iPhones, listening to iTunes, or buying something with e-commerce.  All this overstimulation makes it very challenging to quiet your mind. Today's busy lifestyle makes it almost impossible to find the time to meditate. You might be telling yourself: "meditation is not for me" or "I don't have time" or "I tried it once and it didn't work." Unfortunately, living with a continually over stimulated mind will further tax your energy and can leave you mentally burnt out, depressed or exhausted. One way to bring meditation into your life is to start a Qigong practice which teaches you how to meditate while moving your body through a series of gentle, flowing sequences. Qigong's moving meditation is not a luxury. It is a simple & accessible way to disconnect from everyday stresses. You deserve to feel good, to have the energy you want to enjoy life, to be healthy and happy.  Learn to meditate with the simple and beautiful practices of Qigong.