Hi She3 er's...we hope you had a fun memorial day weekend. We too had some hotdogs and pie - but fret not , we are here to save your day! 

Drink, drink ,and drink...not the booze, I mean WATER!!!!! This is the best way to release those extra toxins we might have ingested during this "splurge" weekend. Add some lemon slices, and you have the perfect natural cleansing detox drink. Cost you next to nothing!!!!

We added more classes for you to work-out the beer, wine, ____ (you fill in)- so you have no excuses to get back on track and get bikini body ready!

Check out our website and look out for our new afternoon  & evening classes plus pregnancy & post partum barre and child enrichment!

Don't forget to keep up on your vitamin D and cardio by biking, walking, or running to the studio!