5 Reasons Why you Should Eat More Blueberries

Ah summertime...8 o’clock sunsets, days spent entirely at the beach, and fresh summer fruits & veggies. Most notable are the ripe berries that the East Coast summer climate allows for. Blueberries are in season between May and September, so, no better time to up your consumption of the powerful berries. Below are 5 reasons why you should consume more of the sweet berries in your diet, starting today:


1. Antioxidant content-  A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that blueberries, cranberries, and blackberries have the largest antioxidant concentration among fruits that were assessed. In fact, the antioxidant capacity per serving size is a whopping 9019. Need some comparative context? An Gala apple’s antioxidant capacity is a mere 3903 an the black bean is only 4181. If those numbers do nothing but confuse you, here’s the simple takeaway: eat your blueberries to get those coveted antioxidants!   


2. Your cardiovascular system will thank you-  Blueberries do wonders for your cardiovascular system. A standard blueberry intake of about 1-2 cups a day for about 3 months has shown to strengthen blood fat balances, reduces total cholesterol while raising HDL (aka good cholesterol, we swear), and lowers the amount of those evil triglycerides. Furthermore, blueberry consumption has been found to protect blood components from oxygen damage that could lead to blood vessel clogging. Plus, how could we forget the blood pressure benefits? In both men and women blueberries have shown to reduce blood pressure.


3.They’re Low Glycemic- A food is considered to be low on the glycemic index is defined by having a GI of 50 or lower. Even though blueberries have a GI range of 40-53 they are still considered low glycemic because of their favorable blood sugar impact. Their high fiber content also qualifies them as a low GI food because they regulate blood sugar without causing spikes.   


4. Take that cancer- Recently, many studies have shown a link between blueberries and cancer-fighting properties. The types of cancer that have been studied so far include breast, colon, and esophageal. More research needs to be done but there is evidence out there to support the power of blueberries with regards to fighting cancer.


5. They freeze well- A new study reveals that blueberries can be frozen without being depleted of their anthocyanin antioxidants. So stock up on blueberries while they’re in season and then throw them in your freezer to ensure that you can enjoy them year round. Just make sure to seal them airtight in a freezer bag or container and you never have to worry about the preservation of their nutritional benefits.