Class Fees & Packages


$30 Drop In Visit
$108 for 1 Session per week ( 4 sessions per 1 month limit)
$199 for 2 Sessions per week ( 8 sessions per1 month limit)
$264 for 3+ Sesssions per week ( 12+ sessions per 1 month limit)




Participating in low impact Barre-Fit classes during and after pregnancy is sure to keep your body toned and flexible during this exciting time in your life!

Our 55-minute classes incorporate breathing and kegel exercises that are essential for a healthy pregnancy and post-partum state. The combination of yoga, Pilates and Ballet are sure to provide you with energy, focus and strength throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Class Times
Weekdays & Weekends at 10:30 and 11:30

Prenatal Fact
During pregnancy, the placenta produces a hormone called Relaxin that helps your body loosen to prepare for carrying a child. Relaxin acts as a natural painkiller, allowing your muscles to feel extremely flexible. However, many women don't realize that although they might not feel pain when stretching or working out, they may be overdoing it and can injure themselves without initially noticing. Make sure to be careful and know your limits when you are stretching to avoid injuries.

Classes taught by Benay Rubin of SHE3. Benay is a prenatal/post partum fitness specialist, working with pregnant moms and new moms for over 18 years!