About Benay

Owner, creator, and Chief Health Officer of she3 Well-Fitness Boutique, Benay Rubin has more than twenty years of experience in the integrative fitness industry as an owner of a private studio in Westport and a fitness teacher and health educator for adults, teens and children in the tri-state area. "She was trained by the Master teachers of the Lotte Berk Method(the original Barre fitness program), a certified Pilates Instructor, Yoga instructor, and studies and practices Meditation and Eidetic Imagery which she incorporates into her program. She is certified as a Personal Trainer and as a Yoga, Pilates, Lotte Burke, Meditation and Eidetic Imagery instructor

The Strength
After getting married and moving from the city to the suburbs, I discovered a love for the outdoors through hiking, cycling, running, rowing and skiing. Soon I was participating in marathons and triathlons. Where was I getting all this energy? It hit me that The Benay Mindful Body Method I'd designed for myself and a growing list of private clients had not only sculpted my body in ways I'd previously only fantasized about but had given me Wonder Woman-level strength and power. Physical activity wasn't just a way to maintain my weight and muscle tone but completely enjoyable and nearly effortless. Realizing that I'd created a program that needed to be shared, I left my career in the fashion industry to devote myself full-time to fitness and wellness knowing I'd still be able to express my creativity by "designing" my client's bodies so they'd look gorgeous in anything they wore!

The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Sports and exercise have been a big part of my life since I was a little girl. I loved the feeling of running, kicking and catching alongside my friends. As I got older, I realized that what really got my endorphins flowing was being able to motivate fellow team members to believe in themselves and to perform at levels higher than they'd ever believed possible. Throughout my life - whether leading athletes to victory as cheerleading captain, helping a friend through a rough patch or encouraging a colleague to work up to her potential, bringing out the best in people and helping them focus their energy in a positive, productive direction was, and is, an ability that came naturally to me and a gift I love to share.

My dedication to living a healthy life began as a teenager. I watched my father first struggle with obesity and the onset of major health issues (high blood pressure, cholesterol and the early stages of heart disease) and then completely transform his body, health and perspective through a new-found dedication to fitness and healthy eating. Now in his early 80s, I love to brag that he can out- cycle me on long-distance rides. The commitment he made to himself and our family, gave me first-hand proof that, through a balance of exercise and diet, lifelong change - both physical and mental - is both possible and attainable.

The Empowerment
Training clients, creating new exercise programs and leading healthy eating workshops was wonderful but I dreamt of opening She3, a fitness/wellness studio where all three of my passions could be united under one roof. Over the years, I faced countless obstacles that kept the realization of She3 just out of reach. More than once, I wanted to give up but I focused on the fact that each day I was accumulating more experience and deepening my knowledge of yoga, Pilates, core training, Lotte Berk, Alexander Technique and Holisitc Nutrition and that, when the time was right, I'd share all that I'd learned with future She3 clients.

When I wasn't working, I was busy being a mother to three fantastic "shes." I understood the challenges young girls face and it was my mission to be a positive role model to my three beautiful future goddesses. To do that, I needed to take charge of my life and dreams so that I could create something of value to share with my girls as well as other mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmothers. But I needed one final push to overcome my hesitation. To my surprise, it was my daughters who ultimately motivated the motivator. They dared me to open my own studio and gave me a deadline to do so. And voila!, just like that (20 years later!), it's finally here: She3fitness/wellness studio.

The three "wishes" I have for my clients to experience at the well Fitness Boutique are; Strength, Health, and Empowerment. Synchronicity played a role, that it spelled out SHE, and knowing that we are so much deeper than a word,I gave it power with the exponential number 3. Synchronicity played a role again as I have also have three Ultimate Motivators in my life who cheered me to follow my dream , my daughters Rachel, Blake, and Casey. 

I look forward to being your Motivator with your own dreams and having them come true for you as well at She3

Joy and Health,